My new ebook specially focus on writers whom wish to design their own book covers. I want to help to improve the quality of your cover, even if you decide not to use my services. A better cover will allow you to sell more books. In my book I will give you all the professional tools to create the best face for your book.

It is a short book with simple knowledge on how to improve the quality of your homemade book covers. It was wrote in Spanish but I hire a professional translator to make it available in English too. You can get it absolutely FREE in the following link. I will appreciate any comments to improve it and hope you can find valuable information inside. FREE at Smashwords

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I attempt to help you understand the elements that make you cover your first sales pitch. Seven tips from my experience to help you create the perfect cover for your book.




Seven tips to design your book cover as a professional

I invite you to follow a little exercise. Think about your book. Try to understand the general idea and the emotions it conveys.
Only in four words. Okay; six words… No more than a sentence, please.
Got it?
Congratulations! You just created the basis for designing your perfect cover.
This book has a very simple goal. I’ll try, through simple tips, to give you the support you need so your book cover can reach several readers; even if you decide to design it by yourself or hire a professional.
My intention is to help authors who self-publish their works to improve the presentation quality of their books.ebook-3d1-copy
Information is power and this book gives you all the information you need to make your covers look professional so they sell more.


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