Your service pack in three simple steps

Step 1: Review my service pack


Iebook-3d1-copyf your book is digital, it is essential for your to transmit assurance and professionalism to your potential reader so they decide to buy it. Don’t forget that you’ll have to compete with thousands of other professional covers.

If your book has an “amateur” cover, it can make your potential readers think that the book’s contents are of low quality. Don’t lose readers because of a “homemade” cover.

Based on your ideas, your writing style and the title you chose for your book, I will create a unique, commercial and attractive cover.


 u$s 99.-

V.A.T. and Taxes not included




It includes:

  1. A unique cover design, ready and adapted to be attached on any platform.offer2016-2
  2. Two (2) high definition stock images.
  3. Publication assistance.
  4. Two (2) options to choose from.
  5. Up to three (3) revisions of the chosen cover.
  6. The cover will be yours forever and without any usage restrictions on my part.

(The images you choose may have some restrictions)

  1. We deliver the original files so you can modify them in the future.
  2. Important: This DOESN’T Include the Spine or Back.
  3. Satisfaction Guarantee, if you’re not satisfy I’ll reimburse you.





Ninja Covers? :-)
Ninja Covers? 🙂

You need to provide me with:

            The title and subtitle of your book. It’s advisable to add a “catch   phrase” to catch the reader’s attention.

             (Read this post for more information)

            The author’s name, exactly as it’ll be written on the cover.

            A synopsis of the book.

            Requirements from your printer, publisher or publishing platform.

            Three reviews from recognized authors you like.

“Satisfaction Guarantee”

I’ll work to make sure your final product is everything you expect and more.

But if you’re not satisfied, you have my word that I’ll reimburse you.

Click here to read the general terms of service.

Step 2: Fill the form

Use the following form to tell me about your idea for the perfect book cover for your book.

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Let me know about your book and your plot, to help me to understand how to achieve the best cover for your book.

Use this area to attach any file you think I need to design your book cover.

Read Here the service conditions

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Step 3: Activate your Pack

When you confirm to me your intend to hire my services I will send you the following:

After receiving and reviewing the form you sent me, I will send the request for payment of 50% of the total amount of work; which is the necessary condition to start your work. Should you need more information I will let you know quickly to accelerate the design process.

I work only with PayPal as payment. It has the advantage of working with almost all debit and credit cards; and at the same time it allows me to work with customers around the globe. We also gives the assurance that your transactions will be clear and monitored by a reliable company.

Remember that payments are made in local currency and prices you see are only indicative, with the price fixed value in US dollars. The payment gateway PayPal will inform the exchange rate prevailing at the time of your payment.

Thank you very much for your interest in my services and if you want to contact me do not hesitate to use the contact form on the web.